CAWI’s Health Outreach Undertaken for Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) in Buea

The Health Outreach program was sponsored by a Philanthropic group named Eya’s Angels in partnership with the Hope Outreach Health Centre to serve the health and social needs of vulnerable persons in our community.  The program’s objectives are to connect vulnerable persons to available resources in the community and to provide free health screenings and counselling. Screenings for blood sugar, malaria and HIV as well as checks for blood pressure, were carried out. Additional services, such as back and leg massages, counselling, donation of food and other personal items, were also provided.

CAWI’s representative at this programme, was a members of the supervisory volunteer staff. This member worked in cooperation with Eya’s Angels and Hope Services Health Centre, to ensure that the program was successfully executed.

The programme took place on May 22nd  at 9am with a health talk highlighting the importance of undertaking health screenings. The programme concluded with 200 persons undergoing screenings for high blood pressure and examinations for blood sugar, malaria and HIV. In addition, 100 persons received; counselling, 150 received medication and 60 IDPs were given gifts of food and other personal items.

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