About Us

About Us

The Green Vision (GV) is Cameroon’s pioneer environmental newspaper created in 2013. GV’s mission is to help make Cameroon, Africa and the rest of the world a greener, safer and more sustainable place. With every news article, tool and information we offer, we strive to provide the information you need to go out in your communities and make a difference.

The Green Vision seeks to bridge the gap in Cameroon on Green Journalism. The initiative to set up an environmental newspaper was born from the realization that the existing mainstream media are giving little or no attention to the environment. This has rendered the concept of environmental journalism alien in Cameroon. In a country with over 300 media houses, there is a great need for a channel dedicated to reporting environmental issues.

The Green Vision is a monthly publication, which provides timely information to the wider public, ERuDeF partners and friends on issues related to biodiversity hotspots, wildlife conservation, climate change, sustainable development, ecosystems restoration and government policies in Cameroon and across Africa. Human interest stories, discoveries and ecotourism are also captured. Intriguing results and recommendations from research publications in sustainable development, conservation, protected area and natural resources management are also promoted to support environmental policies.

The Green Vision Newspaper is the first phase of a much larger programme dubbed “The Cameroon Green Media initiative”. This larger project will culminate in the creation of a TV and Radio station to inform policy and help promote the sustainable management of Cameroon’s biodiversity beyond the national boundaries.


  • To advocate for sustainable management of the environment in Africa.
  • To promote the work of environmental journalists in Africa through training, mentor-ship and networking.
  • To step up the readability of green news in impoverished and marginalized areas through digital and mobile communication.
  • To contribute towards human development, and long term economic growth that will lead to green economy.
  • To stimulate a better coverage of a range of critically important environmental issues.
  • To increase and promote the Corporate Social Responsibility Program of the Corporate sector in Cameroon.

Through investigative reports in the fields of Biodiversity Conservation, Protected Area management, Climate Change, Sustainable Development, Ecosystems Restoration and Government Policies, the Green Vision has over the years helped shape local and national government policies.

We are proud to have many of our reports used as references in national and international discourse. Few years after creation, the newspaper is proud to contribute towards the fight against illegal wildlife trade, ensuring effective protected area management, ecosystem restoration, and the adoption of environmentally friendly actions by individuals, private, public and para-public institutions.

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