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Sweet-Bitter Taste Of Water

It is quite rare to find a city, town, or village that is not already feeling the spank of water scarcity. This age-old problem is snowballing into what might become a disaster in the near future and has transformed many people into water mongers. A keen observer will notice that at all times of the […]

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Health Tips with Dr. Enoh Nkongho

Think about prevention now with Dr. Enoh Nkongho, so you won’t have to worry about your health later. The neurosurgeon has useful answers to your health problems in every edition of The Green Vision! Each year some 15 million people suffer strokes worldwide. This medical condition, often incapacitating if not fatal, has many risk factors […]

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EBOLA: One of Deadliest Biological Weapons

  There are arguments in scientific circles that AIDS and Ebola viruses were bio-engineered in American laboratories and did not originate from monkeys in the wild. A hard coin to toss. By Wumah Achai with additional reports Many top AIDS (and Ebola?) researchers have been embarrassed by Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz’s, claim that HIV-1 and […]

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