In taking decisive action to help save the world’s wild species and spaces, we believe that it is within the hands of our generation to conserve the wonders of life on earth, for ourselves and for the future generations.

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  • Cross River Gorilla Conservation
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  • Ecosystem Restoration Programme .

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Plant trees: ERuDeF in partnership with Trees for the Future Cameroon Program has planted more than 4 million trees across Cameroon. Every $1 you donate will be used to plant a tree where needed most and support our conservation mission.

Give in honour of someone: Whether you would like to honour someone’s memory or recognize a special day in someone’s life, we will plant trees on their behalf and send a certificate either to you or directly to the person you are honouring. Every $1 you donate will be used to plant a tree where needed most. Your support will further support improved livelihoods, protect habitats and species and reduce environmental degradation, improve our education programmes and build the capacity of the next generation of conservation leaders.

Monthly giving: Giving a recurring monthly gift is one of the best ways to support the work of ERuDeF. Your generous support will be used to help protect fragile environments and conserve wildlife species in Cameroon.

Membership: Healthy environment is critical for the health of our planet. At ERuDeF we have been working toward the protection of cross-river gorillas, Nigeria/Cameroon chimpanzees, birds and plants – with the help of our members. We greatly appreciate your desire to be part of this important work through an annual membership fee. Ordinary members (US$100), Life time members (US$1500).

As you may know:

  • Our closest relatives, the apes are at the point of extinction. Cross River gorillas remain less than 300 on the earth’s surface. Equally, there are less than 6000 Nigeria-Cameroon chimpanzees in the wild. We need to protect these remaining apes from extinction.
  • Trees and forests clean our air and drinking water (more than half of the water we drink comes from forests), provide habitat for animals, and cool our planet. Planting trees and restoring forests are among the best investments we can make in caring for our environment.
  • Your commitment and that of others like you, allows us to protect these last species of apes and restore hundreds of thousands of trees destroyed by human abuses. It also enables us to work with communities to better care for the apes and trees in Cameroon, and to educate thousands of people each year about the importance of protecting the environment.

With your membership you will receive:

  • Invitations to participate in field trips and volunteer service days, allowing you to become personally involved in the work of ERuDeF.
  • Discounts and special offers from our partners.
  • Exclusive briefings and advanced information on the work of ERuDeF and what you can do to help grow our programme efforts.
  • You will be supporting efforts to conserve wildlife and protect fragile environments in most important places in Cameroon – protecting the ape from extinction, slowing global climate change, and contributing to cleaner air, cleaner water
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