Nlonako –Muanenguba Mountains under severe Human Pressure: Biodiversity vulnerable

Nlonako –Muanenguba Mountains under severe Human Pressure: Biodiversity vulnerable

Nlonako –Muanenguba Mountain represents one of the most fragile ecosystems in Cameroon harboring some of the worlds threaten fauna species that appear on the IUCN RED list. Most of these animals are endemic to the area hence making them been threaten of extinction by the irrational behavior of the local communities in the landscape. Nlonako –Muanenguba Mountain serves as a homeland to key species such as amphibians (particularly the goliath frog), birds and pangolins (white bellied and giant pangolin).

Resent publications have proven that there is a drastic drop in the encounter rate of these species thus indicating that their population sizes are in a decrease. This is associated to the fact that human pressure in the landscape is highly influencing the growth of and reproduction of these animals as most of their habitats are been destroyed for farmlands, species like parrots been hunted for pet trade, while pangolins and goliath frogs are harvested for home consumption and commercial purposes (ERuDeF, 2016).

Other indirect factors indicate that threat to wildlife in this landscape is as a result of poor law enforcement with regards to wildlife conservation, local communities lack the capacity for sustainable wildlife protection, and they lack the awareness concerning wildlife and nature protection.

 The sustainable use of wildlife resources has been the priority of government since independence. As a result, Cameroon is a signatory to relevant international, regional and sub-regional conventions and treaties, with a clear legal and institutional framework to guide the use of animals. These signatories include; the Convention on Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources, Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES), Convention on the Conservation of Biological Diversity (CBD, 1992).

 In line with Cameroon government to promote the conservation of threatened biodiversity and ecosystems, the Environment and Rural Development Foundation (ERuDeF) seeks to conserve biodiversity and protect the fragile ecosystem of the Nlonako- Muanenguba Mountain. We have practically involved local communities in the conservation of these threaten fauna through capacity building initiatives and awareness raising campaigns.