Forest Garden Farmers Belittle COVID-19 Threat

“No! Despite the COVID-19 pandemic threatening us, we farmers of Ngui village will continue to plant trees in our Forest Gardens while ensuring every safety measures put in place by the Government of Cameroon. No matter what it takes, we need to take care of our farmlands” cried out Donfack Jacques, a farmer of Ngui community in Bafou subdivision.

With the surfacing of the devastating COVID-19, which has hindered economic activities in most countries, with several measures taken to reduce its spread, measures such as staying at home and social distancing have been forced upon the Farmer Garden constituencies. The preventive measures slowed-down field activities and even demotivated several farmers in the execution of their planned activities.

Despite all the hindrances, some farmers, such as those of Bafou subdivision, remain strongly engaged. They are determined to hit their tree planting targets for the season.  Donfack Jacques added “I can never abandon my nursery of fertilizer trees! I believe that these plants will help me to identify my boundaries and protect my crops against stray animals. The Acacia catechu trees will also protect my cabbages and potatoes from soil erosion and from land degradation” 

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 A farmer engaged in nursing Acacia catechu
With such encouragement, while staying safe, working from home and observing all the guidelines of the Ministry of Health, ERuDeF will continue work hard to support farmers like Donfack in order to achieve our planting target of 300000 across the various landscapes.