Cameroonian Lives reduced to dust after vehicles catches flames in road accident

Cameroonian Lives reduced to dust after vehicles catches flames in road accident

The reoccurrence of fatal accidents in Cameroon only keeps trending every month. This has made travelling in most Cameroonian towns a daunting task.

One month after the horrifying accident that saw the death of dozens in Ndikiminiki, a similar fate was recorded in Dschang, the West Region of Cameroon. According to reports, the vehicle which collided with a 70-seater bus belonging to Menoua Voyage was transporting illicit fuel thus, accounts for the fire outbreak. Lifeless bodies of many was retrieved by authorities with some unrecognizable and many others wounded. It is feared that, death toll may rise because of the gravity of the accidents and degree of burns sustained by passengers. In an updated report from the Governor of the West Region Awah Fonka Augustine, only four bodies were identified at the time of the incident. Saddened by the tragic accident, the President of the Republic in a tweet “It is with great sadness that i heard of the tragic loss of life following a ghastly accident at a cliff in Dschang. I extend my sincere condolences to the bereaved families and my wishes for a speedy recovery to the injured”.

The cries of families of victims also touched the heart of the Chadian president Idriss Derby as he extends his condolence in his twitter account, “Following the accident which left some fifty dead in Cameroon, I extend my sincere condolence to President Paul Biya and to grieving families. I wish the wounded a speedy recovery”. Barely 24hours after the Dschang accident, another accident was recorded on Thursday 28th of January in Bertua, East region of the country. The accident which occurred on the National Highway, 1 saw the death of National Gendarmerie Leader Ali Garga and his younger brother as his vehicle collided with Public works vehicle on the roadway. It’s alleged that, reckless driving was at the center of the crash.

Deadly Coincidence

A first year student of the University of Dschang who allegedly drank rat poison to fulfill an assignment given to her by an unknown person’s parents was involved in the accident. Reports hold that, her parents were on their way to inquire more about what happened to their daughter and they boarded the Menoua Voyage bus where they unfortunately met their ill fate.

Fruitless Investigations

In Cameroon, the saying all talk but no bite is vividly true as in every crime committed or accidents recorded, the authorities always open an investigation but the results of the investigation are never known. This puts doubt on the minds of citizens on the realism of these investigations.  The more striking question is what the authorities are investigating especially, after nothing is said about the investigations.

Suspension of Travel Agency

Following the accident in Dschang, the Government of Cameroon has suspended the Menoua Voyage. The travel agency involved in the Ndikiminiki accident was also suspended for three months however; the issue with suspensions in Cameroon is the fact that, these agencies scraps out their names and ply the roads without being noticed by the authorities in the highway. The level of negligence by authorities and corruption in the road highways literarily are the root cause of these accidents.