Cameroonian Bishop discovers possible cure for COVID-19

Cameroonian Bishop discovers possible cure for COVID-19

Just when the World Health Organization (WHO) has expressed its desire to see African countries participate in a global study of potential COVID-19 treatments, and put more efforts in fighting this stringent disease, the Archbishop of the Douala Metropolitan Archdiocese, His Grace Samuel Kleda has surprised the world, with a possible cure for covid-19.

According to his Grace Samuel Kleda, his medicinal inventions, made from local herbs, has been found treating persons with coronavirus symptoms. The man of God, who has been into medicinal plant research for about 30 years, has confirmed that some staff of the Diocesan health services in Douala who came in contact with those suffering from the pandemic and contracted the disease regained their health after receiving the mixture. He however noted that for his herbal mixture to be considered a possible cure for the deadly Coronavirus pandemic, some studies need to be carried out on those who recovered after taking the medicine.

“We need to be very careful; I am not implying I found a cure for the Coronavirus. Before affirming such, thorough studies need to be carried out and persons who took the medicine examined to be sure it kills the virus. I am convinced that traditional medicine can fight Corona Virus”. He insisted that they will continue administering the treatment to patients who will present themselves at the Codas Caritas of the St Paul parish in Nylon, Douala in the Littoral region of Cameroon.

The Bishop remains even more determined to fight this virus as he wishes to have support from the Government for more research on his mixture and encourages specialists in traditional African medicine to make use of the beneficial wealth of various medicinal plants on the continent to find a way of curing COVID-19. He also urged the public to follow the Governments measures put in place to fight the various. “Each of us must understand that it is time to protect ourselves and our neighbors” Said the Bishop.

The Bishop ended by urging the public to believe in God and remain prayerful, as the fight against the pandemic continuous.  At the moment, the government of Cameroon has not made any official statement concerning the Bishops possible cure for the covid-19.

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