War On Separatists Brings Constant Water, Electricity Supply To Manyu

War On Separatists Brings Constant Water, Electricity Supply To Manyu

For those conversant with Mamfe, capital city of Manyu, Southwest Cameroon, the bitter tale of epileptic electricity and portable water supply is definitely not strange to them.

Melvis Takang

It has been a way of life for many in that part of the country to go for weeks, if not, months, without electricity or portable pipe borne water. Should the basic utilities even manage to flow, the partiality with which it is rationed, brings one to the conclusion that Mamfe in particular and Manyu in general, neither have water nor light.

Nonetheless, in the past three weeks, things seem to have changed drastically. Ever since the war on Anglophone separatists began in Manyu Division, constant supply of electricity and water have been the order of the day. Though many villages have been deserted due to war, the presence of the military seems to have brought the precious utilities back to their constant flow.

“I must say am surprised at this, though I still think it is a good move coming at the wrong time. I don’t know if this is being done because it is good for the people of Mamfe to live with good electricity or if it is for the government’s interest in the midst of this strike. However, I am grateful we now have constant supply of these basic utilities. My prayer is, we should have water and electricity at constant flow, even after the military is withdrawn from Manyu,” Arrey Bessem, a Mamfe Resident.

Water can be seen running out of all taps, a rare scenario for a place like Besongabang in Manyu where most people only depend on streams and springs for drinking water.

“Actually, there had been nonfunctional taps in my village but for over three weeks now, we have portable water running from taps all over the village. I guess this is due to the reinforcement of the military base here that has brought such good tidings. We only hope it is not temporal.” An inhabitant of Besongabang village, who preferred anonymity due to the situation in the country, briefed the Green Vision Newspaper.

Though many in this town still remain surprised at the new development, some nevertheless appreciate this step taken by authorities to bring solutions to some most disturbing problems the people have been experiencing and greatly wish things be permanent as they are now with respect to water and electricity in the town.