How Others See Us

How Others See Us

The Green Vision Is Doing A Wonderful Job

Exif_JPEG_420I will be very honest to tell you that The Green Vision newspaper is doing a wonderful job to inform Cameroonians. The articles are very well investigated and professionally presented. Let me use this opportunity to praise all the staff of The Green Vision, who are putting work above money. But I will recommend that the layout of articles and photos be re-examined to give the paper more artistic outlook.

Bitjocka Benoit, Head of Communication Unit (MINEPDED) Yaounde


The Green Vision Newspaper Is An Environmental Research Document

The Green Vision newspaper is a good research document for environmental issues. The first time I had the opportunity to read the newspaper, I found it very interesting and discovered many things inside. Each edition attracts me because I did my thesis at ESTTIC on environment. I will say courage and wish all the staff more energy as they investigate to publish such a rich paper.

Ndemza Paul, Head Of Communication Service, National Commission on Human Right & Freedom, Yaounde


Good Source Of Environmental Information and Education

The Green Vision newspaper is a good source of environmental information and education. Since I started reading the paper two years ago, I have learnt and understood many things concerning the environment. I, however, recommend articles on environmental sanitation to be included in the newspaper, which involves healthy environment needed for healthy life.

Esunge Glory, Nurse, Yaounde


A Wonderful Specialized Paper

Anja Gilbert 2Just the fact that The Green Vision specializes on environmental issues makes it interesting. It is a good newspaper because it is not sensational or political like other newspapers. It is a good newspaper for those who love environmental protection and conservation. I must praise the level of professionalism of the reporters. The paper informs Cameroonians on many important environmental issues. It is very timely mostly at this time of global warming and climate change.

Anja Gilbert, Ministry of Forestry and Wildlife, Yaounde


Paper Is Rich In Environmental Content

DD MINEPDED Lebialem 2I am pleased with ERuDeF as an organization and the introduction of this paper to sensitize the population on environmental protection. I think it is a great step forward in protecting our environment. It is very rich indeed and I want to encourage the team that produces the paper. Most of us may not have time to listen to the radio given our busy schedule but we easily come across the paper. The paper is not only focused on environmental issues but also moves into other areas like conservation and human rights, which is acceptable in order to attract the attention of readers who are interested in other aspects. I am suggesting we improve on the distribution network. The paper needs to be distributed in such a way that the least person on the street can have access to it.

Kanyimi Ihimbru Charles,Divisional Delegate MINEPDED, Lebialem


It’s a Reference Document for Our Radio

Atabong George 2The Green Vision Newspaper has greatly facilitated the production and running of radio programs for us here at the Lebialem Community Radio. Most of the programs that we run here particularly our climate change programs are produced with content from the paper. What we do is that we get to the paper and pick up issues that are related to climate change and we localize them to reflect the realities of Lebialem Division. I am particularly pleased because some of the issues treated in the paper are from Lebialem Division here particularly the Tofala Hill Wildlife Sanctuary, and so I think the paper has facilitated the production of content for us here at the radio.

Atabong George, Program Coordinator, Lebialem Community Radio


The Green Vision Has Exposed Lebialem’s Tourism Potential

DD MINESEC, Lebialem 2Most of the reports that we read in The Green Vision are about the environment. The paper does not only talk about agriculture and the environment, it equally talks about other issues such as education. The paper has placed the tourism potential of Lebialem Division in the limelight and has made it a touristic destination in Cameroon. The spectrum is very broad; it has very bright pictures though in black and white and the articles are revealing and well written out on variety of topics. It’s very compact. The volume is high and there is a lot of material contained in it. I appreciate it more especially as it talks about Lebialem which is my focus. I will just want to appeal for more regularity in terms of delivery of the paper to us here and that activities like those of the Delegations in this Division be given consideration in the paper. That the environmental activities of the schools be given attention. I have personally insisted several times to school authorities in this Division to have their own fuel forest and of trees that are local to them and that the school boundaries be demarcated with fences of trees. This will help the school from encroachment of neighbours.

Asonglefac Njuzy Lawrence, Divisional Delegate MINESEC, Lebialem


It Has Simplified Environmental Issues For Everyone

Eugene Nforgwa 2The very first thing you notice when you pick a copy of The Green Vision is that it treats very relevant environmental issues. It is content-specific and written in a way that everybody can understand. I think it is a paper that can compete with any other newspaper. It’s relatively well edited and simplified in terms of language. The paper, I think has a potential impact of raising awareness on environmental issues, putting them on the table for discussion and helping the public to make informed decisions on the environment. It has helped people to adopt better attitudes about the environment especially as it showcases success stories as I have read in some of the editions. However, for an environmental newspaper to cover environmental issues and report them black on white seems to be doing the environment some injustice. The environment as I know exists in colour but besides the front page I think the whole of the paper and even the pictures are black on white. This makes it difficult for the readers to relate with the pictures used in the paper especially pictures of natural sceneries like the forests, trees and other wildlife features. The paper is still to establish an excellent distribution network. The paper needs to diversify and bring more people to the centre of reporting, wrap people into the stories and answering questions as to how these issues affect people directly or indirectly.

Nforgwa Eugene, Development Journalist

Bridge Between and Consumers


I think the paper is very appreciable. I do appreciate the endeavor especially as it has to do with the environment and farmers. One thing about peasant farmers in Cameroon is that they have products but don’t know how to market them and so the paper has been able to showcase what some farmers are doing, advising them on what farming system is preferable and what methods to use to get their products across to the consumers. I also appreciate the advice often given in the paper particularly as concerns improving agricultural productivity and protecting the environment. The paper is also doing a lot of work sensitizing people on garbage disposal and waste management. I suggest that the scope of the paper be broadened to cover the entirety of the national territory and not just the Southwest Region. The paper also needs to do a lot of work as concerns the school milieu, how school environmental clubs can conveniently manage environmental activities in their schools. I understand the paper is doing a lot on that but I simply suggest a little improvement.

Al-Hajj Mohammed Aboubakar, Chief Imam of Buea


The Paper Has Demystified Conservation Management

I think The Green Vision Newspaper is doing a lot especially in the areas of conservation and sensitization of the local population on the advantages of conservation management. I have read a number of articles published in the paper and I think it is an invaluable tool for the sensitization and education of the community on conservation, climate change adaptation and agricultural production as well as mainstreaming them in the global struggle. It also enlightens the communities on how conservation management can improve their lives and those of their families particularly through livelihood substitution.

Martin Nkemngu, Editor-in-Chief, The Star Newspaper, Limbe



The Green Vision Has Opened Up Environmental Reporting


I think the main elements that I find appreciable in this paper are the uniqueness of its editorial line, the beauty of its content and the quality of its language and issues about the environment are not often placed in the spotlight in most media in Cameroon. Most newspapers treat environmental issues as side attractions. Environmental reporting happens in other areas around the world but in Cameroon, we find this in very limited proportions when we visit the newspaper stands. Some of the most important things in our existence are treated with little attention while greater attention is given to motions of support, political campaigns and homecoming ceremonies. When it comes to real reporting and real action geared towards protecting the environment, I think I praise The Green Vision and ERuDeF for their relentless efforts. I think even if nobody is thanking you for the work you are doing. The Green Vision is doing a lot in telling us that we have erred; reminding us that we are destroying our environment.

Njousi Abang, Editor-in-Chief, ANUCAM Educational Books, Buea