The Green Vision Newspaper was launched on June 17, 2013, by Cameroon’s leading conservation non-profit organisation, The Environment and Rural Development Foundation (ERuDeF).

The creation of this newspaper was motivated by the need to bridge the Green Journalism gap in Cameroon media landscape by using research tools and international models to provide timely news on the environment and how it affects the economy and human development. The initiative to set up this paper was born from the realization that the existing media organs in the country have given little or no attention to the environment. This has rendered the concept of environmental journalism alien in Cameroon. In a country with over 300 media houses, one could hardly boast of a channel dedicated to reporting environmental issues prior to the coming of The Green Vision Newspaper.

Through investigative reports in the field of Biodiversity Conservation, Hotspots/Protected Area management, Climate Change, Sustainable Development, Ecosystems Restoration and Government Policies In these areas across the national territory, the Paper has over the years shaped national discourse through its investigative reports on socioeconomic, and political issues that affect the environment, hence, enhancing government policy.

We are proud to have many of our reports used as references in national and international discourse. Few years after creation, the paper can boast of contributing towards the fight against illegal wildlife trade, ensuring effective protected area management, ecosystem restoration, and the adoption of environmentally friendly actions by individuals, private, public and para-public institutions.