Eco-Lodges Erected To Boost Tourism In Mt. Cameroon

Eco-Lodges Erected To Boost Tourism In Mt. Cameroon
State of the art Buildings near completion

The Mount Cameroon National Park (MCNP) has embarked on the construction of some modern eco-lodges up at the mountain. A modern leisure house christened ‘’Caravanie’’, two park arcs and over twelve modern eco-lodges comprising a general eco-lodge for all category of visitors and some VIP suites, are the main structures under construction.
Other facilities accompanying these eco-lodges include good water system, solar panel for electrification, modern toilets, communication facilities, and good access roads.
According to the Conservator of the Mount Cameroon National Park, Simon Besong, the project is aimed at meeting the needs of an ever-growing number of visitors, and positioning the mountain as a first class tourists’ destination in the country.
The project on going at Hut II, Man Spring and around P&T, is being carried out with financial support from the Programme for the Sustainable Management of Natural Resources in the Southwest Region of Cameroon (PSMNR-SWR) and the World Bank’s Competitive Value Chains Project (PCFC).
The P&T stretch schedule to be completed by March31, 2017, is already wetting the appetite of many who are anticipating to use the modern eco-lodges. Evaluation on the work progress conducted on Friday March 17, 2017 by a delegation comprising officials of MINFOF, MINEPAT, PCFC, ICS MCNP, and a consultant, revealed that the work is approximately 70 percent completed.
According to Personnel in charge of Project Elaboration and Implementation at the Park, Mr Fombemba Ernest, the project is a big initiative and will boost tourism in the Southwest Region. He however pointed out that late disbursement of funds among other factors, accounted for the delay in meeting the project deadline.
Meanwhile, the project architect, Mr Wantcheu Valentine, claimed the social tension in the region has contributed to the delay because materials were sometimes not available at the site on time. He however assured that the team has increased their working efforts to meet up with the March 31st deadline.
* By Susan Ndip and Margaret Bessem – Communication Volunteers at MCNP