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Kumba Cautioned Against Unsustainable Activities At Lake Barombi

The population of Kumba, Meme Division of Southwest Cameroon, have been reprimanded to shun activities that contribute to the depletion of Lake Barombi. Southwest Regional Delegates of Environment, Protection of Nature and Sustainable Development, Tourism and Leisure and Arts and Culture made the call, Monday May 22, 2017, while celebrating the 25th world biodiversity day. […]

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Kimbi Fungom National Park, Prospective Category 1 Protected Area

After evolving from Fungom Native Authority Forest Reserve in 1932 and Kimbi River Game Reserve in 1964, this biodiversity hotspot, which was last February 2015 christened the        Kimbi-Fungom National Park is en route to becoming a Category 1 protected area. By B. Shancho Ndimuh Created as category 2 protected area with a surface of 95,380, […]

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EBOLA: One of Deadliest Biological Weapons

  There are arguments in scientific circles that AIDS and Ebola viruses were bio-engineered in American laboratories and did not originate from monkeys in the wild. A hard coin to toss. By Wumah Achai with additional reports Many top AIDS (and Ebola?) researchers have been embarrassed by Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz’s, claim that HIV-1 and […]

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