Buea Council Strategizes for Effective Pest Control and Waste Management

Buea Council Strategizes for Effective Pest Control and Waste Management

Plans are underway to ensure domestic pest control and the effective management of waste in the Buea Municipality.

            This revelation was made recently by  the Chief of Service for Hygiene and Sanitation, Civil and Environmental Protection at the Buea Council, Mr Ntui Humphery Tanyi, as he moved around the Municipality supervising the activities of some youths, who were offered holiday jobs to maintain hygiene and sanitation in Buea.

*By Michael Neforneseh  Nkezi

Mr. Tanyi said the council plans to partner with some companies, who will ensure the sorting and recycling of waste generated within the Municipality, as well as ensure domestic pest control.

“The NGOs and or Companies, which will be identified, will embark on domestic pest control fighting against puissants like rats, cockroaches and mosquitoes. This will be done by spraying public premises like hotels and toilets to reduce the spread of diseases within this town of legendary hospitality” he explained.

      The Chief of Service for Hygiene and Sanitation, however expressed satisfaction on the work carried out by some 162 youths recruited as part of the Council’s Holiday Job Scheme aimed at maintaining hygiene and sanitation within the municipality.

He implored chiefs, quarter heads and NGOs to collaborate with the Council in keeping the town clean and promised sanctions to defaulters of the hygiene rules and regulations.

As part of her sustainable developmental policies, the Buea Council last August 1, 2016 offered holiday jobs to some 162 youths between 15 and 25 years. These youths were expected to weed grasses on both sites of the road from “Turbock  Junction” through Long Street to Bokwaongo, and from the DO Governor’s offices through Bongo Square to mile 17. Some of them were stationed in areas like Muea, Bokova, Bonakanda Bova and the Buea main market. They were also to clear gutters for free flow of rain water in these areas as well as carry out clean up activities in all six health districts within the Municipality, to take care of old and new council buildings and carry out sensitization campaigns on environmental hygiene.

The youths say the holiday job was necessary so they can raise money that will assist their parents in buying school needs during this back to school period

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